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The purpose of The Mispillion Children’s Chorus is;

1.) To provide a welcoming, safe and accepting environment for children ages 6-11 as they engage in vocal musical expressions without the necessity of audition; using a select and varied repertoire that will uplift and encourage self-esteem and acceptance. Music will range from contemporary pop. Show music, music Americana, Multi-cultural folk, and music of the classical composers.

2.) To build a community of respect and acceptance for all children which includes differences in physical abilities, cultural backgrounds, and differences in perceived musical skills and aptitude

3.) To use music as the catalyst for building self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of team.

4.) To provide a positive atmosphere for children to learn basic music literacy.

(Recognizing and providing opportunities for children who may want to explore more advanced training.)

5.) To engage in out-reach performances so that the chorus can interface and collaborate with other music entities as well as share music within and around the Milford Community and beyond..

6.) To plan for cross cultural, cross generational experiences for the Mispillion Children’s Chorus/Choir.

By selecting a music repertoire from a multi-cultural perspective as well multi-generational repertoire, we will provide opportunities to engage the varied sectors of greater Milford that would include parents, grandparents and other family members joining in song selection/performances with the Mispillion Children’s Chorus/Choir

7.) It is our goal that as the chorus develops and grows we will be able to engage and collaborate “Professional” Guest Artists from diverse musical perspectives and backgrounds to perform with The Mispillion Children’s Chorus/Choir.

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